David Sourwine

David Sourwine

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First Name * David
Last Name * Sourwine
Username * Sourgrapes
Country * Canada
City Halifax


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames ConsoleGames Online
Preferred Tools CharactersDesignIllustrationPhotoshopPainter3ds max


Website sourwine.illusorywinds.com


Well hello,
I lived a pretty ordinary life with great parents and a happy childhood. OK maybe thats not to ordinary these days(smiles). So I guess I make up for the lack of adventure by escaping to my art world where I get to do what I want for the most part.

OH visit my website, more the merrier!

I also have a blog now ^^ In case anyone is interested, the address is http://www.davidsourwine.blogspot.com


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